• Tarrif : 150€ per person
  • In season as from September
  • The morning from : 07.00 – 12.00 AM

In the case of bad weather the departure may be cancelled and postponed to a later date.

Reservation required : 06 30 56 48 55

We shall leave early for what we call “fishing with chumming”. After a half an hour we position the boat on a suitable sea bank, the one at Cassidaigne is especially worthwhile.
We put out the baited lines, we start with an automatic shredder which sends the sardines out into the current in order to bring up the carnivore fish.
If everything goes well, they start biting and we return with lots of great fish and good memories of fishing… but If “the gods of fishing” are not on our side, then we have to accept it as we cannot guarantee you anything, just do as much as we can (it can happen that the sea is rough, so take precautions against sea sickness)
For the catch, the tradition on board is for everyone to come back with great fish, that we have caught or not, so that the good times can continue in the evening with family or between friends, talking about this day of fishing which we hope will be full of good memories.

Departures are dependant on weather conditions and with a minimum of 6 person.

Catches are becoming rare, which I regret. It’s more and more frequent that we come back with nothing, despite all my efforts and my long experience… I truly hate taking people fishing on my boat and nothing happens… I feel that I am not being honest with them. Therefore departures are infrequent also due to the difficulty of getting organized together, the weather, the lack of fish and the available times.